Welcome to Community of Grace, A Presbyterian Church

Community of Grace (formerly Trinity & Arvada Presbyterian) welcomes you! We are a merged congregation of about 275 members who share a common vision and a common purpose.

To attend Community of Grace is to join a people who are living an adventure. We are finding a sense of purpose and belonging by placing God at the center of our lives.

We invite you to join us on this adventure. Knowing God, experiencing deep change, finding your life’s mission, enjoying authentic relationships, and discovering what Christians believe is not difficult, but neither is it easy. Guided by Scripture and the ancient wisdom of Christians before us, we have discovered Five Purposes for those who would live with God at their center. Simply put, they are:

Color5pcLogo-125wAll of our ministries, worship services and mission endeavors are designed with these Five Purposes in mind. You will often find these key words and symbols next to an opportunity at Community of Grace to help you know which purpose of your life it will help you to develop. Then seek out opportunities at Trinity to spur you on in this adventure!

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