Making Choices,

Center for Spirituality at Work

Making Choices is a community of women. The program teaches decision-making and life-planning skills to women incarcerated at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (DWCF). Sponsored and facilitated by the Center for Spirituality at Work, it connects business and professional women as volunteer mentors and teachers with incarcerated women. Since 1999, they have served more than 700 incarcerated women, assisting them in developing skills and gaining tools of self-determination. This program aims to ensure that incarcerated women are released back into society as stable and contributing members capable of leadership and healthy-social relationships. This training helps develop the women to become strong mothers thus ensuring a better future for their children.


HIV Carelink,



HIV Care Link is a Christian ministry of love and hope, committed to HIV/AIDS prevention, support and education. It was founded 20 years ago to build a bridge between the Church and people affected by HIV. They provide prevention services through their Safe Project in high schools, pastoral and practical care to people living with HIV, and work to educate the church regarding HIV/AIDS. Their work is done mainly by caring Christian volunteers who wish to be involved in HIV/AIDS ministry.